Kid Trampoline

Safety guidelines for using a trampoline

Despite your age, trampolines provide fun to whoever maybe bouncing on it. On the other side, slipping off a trampoline is no fun at all, that is why you need to follow some safety guidelines when using a trampoline. You can also check thisĀ homepage and see the best trampolines that you can purchase.

Choose a Suitable Location

It will be beneficial if you can put the trampoline in a vicinity that already has somewhat of an energy-absorbing surface such as long grass. The spring system of the trampoline is safer if it has a frame pad that covers the entire surface area of the trampoline. Some parents would rather dig a hole for the trampoline, so that is lowered to point where it is level with the ground. By doing so, if one falls off the trampoline it is from a reduced height.

Basic Rules for Children

Even though it may not seem like it, deep down children desire rules and limitations. Before you allow your children to use trampolines, give them safety rules and boundaries before using the trampolines. It is imperative you make your kids fully aware of the possible consequences if they do not follow the rules. Children need to be supervised regardless of the kind of trampoline. Whether they are using a standard size trampoline or a children’s trampoline, they need adult supervision.

kids playing on trampoline

Children who are less than six years of age shouldn’t even use a trampoline. Children who collide with one another are a common cause of injuries that could have been avoided. This is why there should never be more than one child on the trampoline at a time. In fact, more than half of the injuries that occur are due to more than one child jumping on the trampoline. Somersaults and other aerial maneuvers should not be attempted unless they are being taught in the right conditions by a professional trainer.

Basic Safety Tips

Whether you are an adult or a child, jumping off the trampoline is not safe. Children and adults alike should climb down in an appropriate manner. There should also be spotters around the trampoline at all times. It is also recommended that all jewelry is removed before using the trampoline. Children under the age of 6 years old should not use a trampoline that is higher than 20 inches.

The first skill to learn on a trampoline is how to stop yourself at the end of the bounce by merely flexing your knees as your feet come into contact with the trampoline. A key factor for successful trampolining is exercising control. An individual should also control the height of their bounces. It’s best to stay low until you have gained some experience. Using a trampoline during strong winds or severe weather is not advised; also never use a trampoline if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs!

Safety Accessory

TrampolineOne of the most popular trampolines accessories that you can have is a safety net. Trampoline enclosures or net are designed to add extra safety. Zinc tubes and strong polyethylene nets are used to construct these safety nets. There are some cases where kids have fallen through the springs around the trampoline bed or fall off the trampoline while doing a high jump. This is why installing safety pads which cover the spring area of the trampoline is crucial. There are colorful safety pads that are available as they also help the trampolinist calculate where to land.…